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The local produce is grown Naturally…The Way You Would Grow It Yourself In Your Own Backyard without the use of Synthetic Pesticides, Herbicides & Fungicides. Natural forms of pest control are used for a healthier alternative along with keeping our bees alive to pollinate and make us wonderful honey for everyone. We also use Non GMO Heirloom & Heritage seeds that are grown in rich soil full of organic matter and manure to promote healthy plants. We are a group of  local small family farms owned by Arizona Farmers that are Not Certified Organic with the USDA but we apply the same standards and beyond.  Produce is Grown in Arizona all across our great state. Our local farm group does not want the high costs that are involved in using the Trademarked name Organic (We won’t pay money to the Government to use the word Organic) . We just want to grow the highest quality produce for our families and yours. Just good (Old-Fashioned Natural Backyard Farming). The taste of home-grown right to your door!!

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  • About a year ago we found The Backyard Farmer and Galen and his farm family are spoken about at every meal. We have become produce snobs and will not buy produce from the grocery store. The food delivered is fresh and so fantastic tasting that I have a 2, 7, 8, & 9 year old asking for extra carrots at dinner or when do we get brussel sprouts again? Fresh, local, and delivered ….what else can you ask for?!?Mindi
    The Backyard Farmer is a game changer! You can’t go wrong with fresh local produce stocked in your refrigerator at all times.Kelly
    I’ve known Galen and his crew for a lot of years now and he’s never let me down! Everything he sells is top notch and he backs it up with great customer service. I’ve sent many customers his way and they would all say the same thing- you can’t beat his price and service.Sara
    Love the Backyard farmer! His service is the best!!! Love being able to have local fresh vegetables!! Thanks Galen!Jada
    Backyard Farmer brings it right to your door and it is the best produce and fresh farm eggs I have ever had. I highly suggest you give them a try, you won’t regret it!Caitlin
    This service amazes me. Not only do I get local, better than organic food, it gets delivered to my front door for free! Saves me lots of gas and time every week!Liz
    We love the backyard farmer! Fresh foods brought right to your door? What’s better? We also love the honey, cider, meats, beans and soaps!Shaun
    I have been ordering a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats and grains from The Backyard Farmer for over a year now and I could not be happier! Wonderful service beautiful produce. I recommend BYF to all my family and friends (and strangers in the grocery store haha). I don’t know what I’d do without your service. Delivery day is our favorite day of the week! Thank you!Steve
    Galen is so quick to respond and gives tid bits of his family that give that personal touch. His delivery crew (especially grandpa) are so friendly, we just love them and cannot help spreading the word about how lucky we are to have found him. Fresh, local, and delivered ….what else can you ask for?!?Mindi
    I love how I can pick what I want to order each week, it makes for so much less waste. (Not that my chickens don’t love the scraps!) Not only is it convenient and VERY reasonably priced (think farmers market low), but it is quite honestly the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten. We love The Backyard Farmer and tell everyone we know that will listen!Kelly
    I love the convenience of the new online ordering system. The prices are very reasonable, and it is convenient having my produce delivered. I feel so much better serving my family local, fresh produce! Plus, everything tastes amazing!Maria
    Always great service with a friendly smile which is rare..:)Lorri
    Fresh produce, addicting raw honey & much much more delivered to your door for free!!! How can you beat this amazing service?!Lois
    I look forward to my order each week like its a Christmas present dropped off at my doorstep! The produce is always so fresh and perfectly ripe.I am very concerned with the quality of food I feed my family and with The Backyard Farmer, I can trust that there is quality in everything I buy.Shari
    I have been a customer for a month now and have enjoyed the convenience of home delivery as well as the great taste of fruits and veggies. I notice a big difference in taste compared to store-bought and I feel good about supporting our local farmers! I may be spending a little more on produce, but the quality exceeds my expectations AND less trips to the store saves me money in the long run =)Monica
    I just got my first order delivered to my doorstep and am very impressed! My fruits and veggies are so fresh and full of flavor! The bread is delicious! So glad I found The Backyard Farmer!Abby
    I love all my Backyard Farmer fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs and pasture feed beef! What a healthy way to eat!!Liesa
    Feeding my family the best produce around, veggies are OUR chips with unbelievable taste and freshness! Thank you Backyard Farmer!Jacoba
    These veggies remind me of what I ate as a kid growing up on a farm. They are so tasty. I had forgotton that veggies have flavor!Martin
    As a Health Educator here in the Valley, I use every opportunity to spread the word about “clean” agriculture and The Backyard Farmer. Once you experience the flavor and convenience of Community Susatainable Agriculture, you won’t be able to go back to the “old ways”. Thank you for all you do to keep us healthy.Carrie
    This food will rock your world. You won’t find anything better tasting or of higher quality, 2 thumbs up!Betsy

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